Pig Walk


Say what?!Coventry Way Map green

Yep. On Sunday 30th August I will be donning my walking boots, whatever the weather, and trotting around Coventry on a 40 mile circular walk, starting and finishing in my hometown of Kenilworth. And provided I don’t get lost, I will be dragging myself to a charity party at the end of it (more details to follow). For those of you that know me, you know I am a lazy mare, and this is not going to be a stroll in the park for me. Unless it’s one of those really big National Parks I suppose. Anyway, the route I’ll be taking is A Coventry Way.

Okaaay….ummm, and why are you doing this??

Because I would like to encourage people to sign up to the Pig Pledge, raise some money and a huge amount of awareness about factory farming QUICKLY before we end up with massive US scale factory farms in the UK – sadly there are already plans to build the first mega pig farm here. Here are two reasons why we should try and cut down on the amount of factory farmed meat we eat:

Factory farms are pumping healthy animals full of antibiotics (with pigs receiving the largest share) to prevent disease, bolster their weakened immune system, grow fat quick and boost profits. We eat these antibiotics and (any antibiotic-resistant bacteria the animal has developed) when we eat this cheap meat. The result is a rapidly growing resistance to antibiotics and a rise of super bugs. This is now very close to home – the findings of a new study of retail pork, revealed in The Guardian last month, indicate that British produced supermarket pig meat is contaminated with MRSA.

Animals suffer pain, fear and empathy. Like us. Pigs are apparently cleverer than dogs and 3 year old humans! They are playful, intelligent, social and clean animals.

If we eat cheap meat sometimes, perhaps we ought to “think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight” (Albert Schweitzer).

File 08-08-2015 10 15 22Two out of every three animals in the world are now factory farmed. I’m just going to give you a VERY quick summary of the life of an average pig in a factory farm, here in the UK. Born, teeth clipped (no pain relief), 3 weeks feed from mum then whisked away, (boy piglets have testes removed with knife and no pain relief, but not common in UK), tails chopped off (no pain relief), entire life indoors, extremely crowded, on slatted concrete floors without straw, living in own faeces. The sow spends about two-thirds of her life in pregnancy, the majority of that time in such a small crate she is unable to walk, turn around, fully stretch/scratch, interact with other pigs or satisfy any natural instincts for nest-building behaviour. She is artificially inseminated again (and again etc etc). Transported often long distances in cramped, hot conditions. If survived transit, then it’s to the slaughterhouse, which is a whole other horror.

Having watched a gazillion videos, read a gazillion articles and cried a gazillion tears over the way animals are treated in factory farms on a daily basis, I know I would rather not be born than live the life of a factory farmed animal. There is so much more that I haven’t touched upon here, but if you want to know more, see the links to articles at the bottom of the page.

Other major problems derived from factory farming include rural economies and communities and environmental impacts.

But WE can change this crazy situation!

Me? What can I do? (please don’t say give up bacon)

quote Tracy WorcesterBelow are a list of things you can do to get involved and help shift people’s attitudes in thinking about how much and what type of meat we want to eat. It may inconvenience our habits a little, but will hopefully
make a big impact.

Sponsor me fFile 11-08-2015 22 34 48or this blinkin’ walk! All the money raised will go to Farms not Factories. This wonderful non-profit organisation recently played a major role in ensuring the UK’s first mega pig factory farm application was turned down! But there is another application knocking…

Sign the petition to oppose a new UK pig factory farm, proposing to house 30,000 pigs.

Watch this video (don’t worry, no disturbing content) and take the Pig Pledge 🙂

Donate a prize! I’m doing a raffle to be drawn on 30th Aug. If you are a business who can offer a nice prize, please email me: julieannrandell@gmail.com.

Add your company to the Ethical Pork Directory if you provide free range pork. I know I will be visiting you more!

Share this page! And quickly, as I’m doing this all quite last minute!

Here is a really simple and useful guide for understanding labels when you are out shopping, I have some small wallet sized leaflets with this guide on, if you want one let me know.

As promised, here is a list of informative reading sources:
More petitions/campaigns you may be interested in: Stop giving healthy animals anitbiotics, labelling matters, CCTV in slaughterhouses.


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